Bear Feet

Bear Feet is an indoor play centre in Marsh Barton, Exeter that serves parents a welcome cup of coffee on comfy sofas, while their little ones run off some energy. We first talked with this client just before they opened and have been supporting their café over the past two years.

Initially they put in their own coffee machine, which we serviced for them, but the business was such a success, with mums with toddlers during the day and weekend birthday parties, that they soon needed to serve coffee faster. Their family customer base looked forward to a sit down and chat over a coffee while their children played, so their coffee turn around needed to be quicker.

We sourced a push button, bean-to-cup machine that was fast and unique, with a low rental deal, that pumped out coffees really quick. This then increased the speed with which they could serve a customer without quality being lost. They can now serve everything from lattes, to mochas, baby bear chinos and hot chocolate. We supply them with Grazie coffee, as they wanted a local coffee supply, and provide china cups and all the ancillary products they need, such as sugar and hot chocolate.

They like the fact that we are local and friendly, and we sourced the right machine for them as they wanted speed and efficiency. Also as we are just round the corner, our engineers can get there quickly if needed. We now also support their other Bear Feet play centre in Newton Abbot.