Exeter University Guild of Students

The Guild of Students exists to represent the voice of the student body to the University here in Exeter, they work to ensure that every student gets the most out of their time in Exeter. The Guild oversees the campus’s many commercial practices, including catering contracts and outlets. Their students are very discerning with their beverages and eateries, with big brand names on site such as Costa Coffee and Pret-a-Manger so they are big on brands, flavour and good customer service and need to compete with these.

The Guild catering team recognized that they were not receiving the personal touch with their existing coffee provider, and so Coffeeworks put together a solution that matched the personality of the company’s expectations.


Firstly Coffeeworks offered one point of contact, so they could develop a relationship with a real human for all their requests. Now when they require Barista training on site, we can organise it, for coffee machine delivery they can come to us, and for ongoing service we can handle it. Also it was very important to the students that they received 100% Fairtrade organic coffee. We stock Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest alliance products, so servicing this requirement was easy. However we also added something extra, with locally roasted coffee as well from our partner roaster based in here in the West Country. By supplying locally roasted coffee, it meant the coffee was fresher, as it came from their weekly roast.

We also produce and store all their own “Guild Of Student” branded cups and supply these when required, so they don’t have to worry about warehouse space


We like to go that little bit extra, so we organized for the Guild to visit our roasting plant, to see for themselves the roasting process, technique and passion behind it.

We also looked at their machines that delivered the coffee and changed equipment to include grinders, which made the service faster and more accurate, to help with the serving process. We are always on hand to support training, as although they have a core staff, being students, they have additional student staff that come and go. Despite this they like to keep up standards with training, and now have 4 sites that serve coffee within the campus. We always look to our client’s needs, so when they wanted a site for quick coffee serving that had a more relaxed pub environment, we helped them install filter coffee machines for fast service, with big mugs for a more homely atmosphere, for when a quick coffee fix was needed.

We also helped them with their branding and have – a via our partnership with a local graphic designer – branded up bespoke boards and paper cups, that have a quality look and feel to them.

We now have a long established relationship with the Guild, that has grown as they have matured and student expectations have changed. Each year we look at how it needs to improve and meet the demands of a modern university campus.