Hestercombe Gardens

Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset is 50 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens, with a stables kitchen café and restaurant inside Hestercombe House, and they specialize in a quintessentially British afternoon tea.

It is a such a hidden treasure, and on the scale of a National Trust property, even though it is privately owned. The family have grown the gardens over the years, starting out with a simple hut serving teas and coffee! They then redeveloped the stable area and put in a restaurant and so had to upgrade their coffee machines and beverages accordingly.


Both the Catering Manager & General Manager were unhappy with the incumbent delivery and prices for their beverages and after sales support. We met with them and discussed our organic, fair trade products, beverage equipment and the sales support we could provide.

They already had in place a traditional espresso machine supplied by the incumbent, which was not man enough for the café’s demands, and they now recognized that they needed a better way to deliver their hot beverages to their customers. We stepped in and sourced a larger espresso machine with an On Demand Grinder, giving the catering staff a quicker more efficient through-put of great tasting coffee.


Two years later we have now upgraded their machines and a better beverage provision for their volume of trade, and taken them to visit our roasting plant, to understand the quality of the coffee inside the cup.

We offer full machine servicing support and are currently looking at helping them create their own coffee labels for retail sale. We worked with them to create china cups with the Hestercombe logo on it – why advertise another coffee company brand on the cups, when you can advertise your own!