Jolly Jacks

Jolly Jacks is a waterfront bar and bistro at the Mayflower Marina in Plymouth. Their view over the water means they have a great location and they service locals and yachtsmen alike, opening from 9am to 9pm each day. As such they have a high-end clientele who expect the best dining experience.


Jolly Jacks felt they were being overcharged by their incumbent coffee machine provider and they wanted to also ensure that they were serving the best coffee experience they could. We visited their premises and quickly saw that they needed our Drury Coffee brand, which comes from London, and is the preferred choice for fine dining, being served in some of the top restaurants in the country. Drury are an Italian London company that blend and roast gourmet coffee. Sally and Sue, who own Jolly Jacks, sampled our Drury coffee and immediately recognized it as a superior coffee blend.

So having found their coffee, they now needed to address their machine, which was old and falling apart. The ‘look’ of the machine was tantamount, as it had to match the high-end décor of the restaurant, and Sally and Sue found their dream coffee machine online. We sourced it and imported it just for them all the way from Italy. We manage all the ongoing servicing of the machine and the Drury coffee bean supply.


Jolly Jacks now have a machine that sits as a beautiful functional object within their bistro and serves the finest coffees.

We also created all the branding for their cups, and we maintain a close relationship, having gone that extra mile to match their requirements.