Supertramp is a fantastic new trampoline park in Plymouth. This large impressive warehouse style leisure facility has a café, to serve drinks to those parents who relax for a moment while their children bounce!

Supertramp invested in a manager to oversee their café and catering facilities, who had lots of sports and catering environment experience, and so he asked for the Lavazza brand in there from day one. As the official suppliers to Lavazza in the South West, we met with them and put in the right equipment, a traditional coffee machine with grinder they wanted with Lavazza coffee. We are flexible to Supertramps needs, as their facility is used more over winter when the weather gets drizzly, so their coffee supply goes up.

We supplied them with Lavazza china cups, coffee, plus coffee training for their staff and we are talking to them about branded menu boards in future. Our close and continuing relationship means we will work with them as this entrepreneurial father and son business grow