Drury Coffee

The Drury Tea & Coffee Company have over seventy five years’ experience in roasting the world’s finest gourmet coffees.

Established in London in 1936, taking inspiration from being located in Drury Lane.
Drury remain a family owned business offering some of the very best coffees available in the UK for both the caterer and retail customers.

The London based roastery features modern production methods coupled with traditional levels of expertise and care. All our coffees are slowly roasted for maximum flavour, and we ensure that they reach our customers at the peak of freshness.

Drury is the choice for ‘fine dining’ establishments across the South West

  • Caffe Reale

    Created in 1954, this is our first – and still one of our most popular espresso coffee blends. Perfectly balanced for espresso, cappuccino and lattè, this dark roast is smooth and rich with a long, intense finish.

  • Caffè Cuidado

    Blended from 100% arabica coffees grown on Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. This espresso blend is very balanced, bright-tasting and well rounded, with spicy undertones throughout. It is perfect for espresso, cappuccino and all speciality coffee drinks.

  • Espresso Riserva

    Pure Arabica espresso blend. A fine, rounded character enhanced by a smooth and sweet finish. Particularly good for espresso and ristretto.

  • Caffe Roma

    Our strongest espresso. A heavy liquoring, high-caffeine blend that produces a long lasting crema and a punchy, nutty flavour. Not for the faint-hearted.