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FLOFairtrade and Soil Association Approved Grazie Ultimo coffee is spreading the love to everyone. Our responsibility is to help our neighbours and our planet whilst delivering the flavour you love. Grazie Coffee. Love coffee, love the planet.

Proud to offer Rainforest Alliance certified coffee

PrintWe are proud to supply the delicious and ethical La Bastilla coffee from its two estates in Nicaragua. Their plantations have been certified Rainforest Alliance since 2003. The La Bastilla estates promote not only quality coffee, but education for youngsters in the region. It comes from an ecological processing plant and produces a coffee that is very special, balanced and with a good body and aroma.

Another Rainforest Alliance coffee we supply is Lavazza Tierra Coffee. It is an excellent 100% Arabica coffee, that is highly aromatic with light floral sweetness together with good body. Produced using washed coffees from middle & high altitude areas in Colombia, Peru and Honduras. Lavazza has worked alongside the Rainforest Alliance to take the Tierra project forward, and to value and safeguard precious resources: their products, their surrounding environment and their community. Lavazza Tierra Coffee Beans create a delicious coffee which can be enjoyed at any time of the day, and are a fantastic choice for hotels, cafes and restaurants.